Friends cast is 'working on something' - Jennifer Aniston

There is some good news and bad news for Friends fanatics: the bad news is that despite the rumours, a reboot of the beloved series is not happening.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. When interviewed on a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Friends' very own Jennifer Aniston confirmed the cast has "something" in the works.

Despite a firm "no" when asked about the possibility of a reboot, the 50-year-old did reveal the six stars - Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Aniston - are "trying" to bring something to fruition. 

"We would love for there to be something," Aniston, who played Rachel Green, told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

"But we don't know what that something is. So we're just trying. We're working on something."

Aniston has been teasing the possibility of an imminent Friends reunion to DeGeneres over the last two years.

"Listen, I told you this. I would do it. The girls would do it, and the boys would do it, I'm sure," Aniston said about the possible project earlier this year. 

"Anything is a possibility, Ellen... I mean, George Clooney got married... anything can happen," she told the host back in February 2018.

Aniston almost broke Instagram on October 16 when she shared her first ever photo to the app, sending Friends' enthusiasts into a fangirling frenzy.

"Now we're Instagram friends too. Hi Instagram," she captioned a selfie shot with her five fellow castmates.

The actor told Howard Stern that she would be "nothing" without the iconic show.

"We all miss [Friends] every day," she said.

The show, which premiered in 1994 and concluded in 2004, received critical acclaim throughout its ten seasons. It's often cited as one of the most popular television series of all time. The finale on May 6, 2004 was watched by 52.5 million viewers in the US.


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