Joker movie: Viewers 'flee' man's frightening behaviour amid fears of violence - reports

A US-movie goer has claimed an unruly cinema patron was escorted from a screening of Joker after scaring audience members by spitting and applauding on-screen killings.

Nathanael Hood tweeted a photo of the alleged perpetrator being detained by security, reporting that people had left the theatre amid fears he might hurt someone. 

Speaking to ABC news, Hood said he was "scared" by the man's behaviour, adding that he clapped "loudly and incessantly" when the Joker character murdered people. 

In a blog post about the experience, Hood said the man - who was apparently drinking tequila - was removed by security, "but not before he started spitting on a passerby".

"This whole experience rattled me more than I care to admit," he wrote. 

Another audience member named Etai Benson said the erratic behaviour "combined with the carnage happening on screen got people nervous".

Filmmaker Todd Phillips' Joker origin story has been accused of promoting gun violence, with concerns the central character's murderous acts could inspire violence. 

Last month, it was revealed the US military had warned service members about the potential for a mass shooting similar to the one that took place during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. The man who opened fire in the Aurora cinema was allegedly inspired by the Joker character. 

ABC reports security has been stepped up for some US screenings of Joker, with certain movie theatres banning costumes and masks. 


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