Lady Gaga asks what Fortnite is, gets hilarious answers

Pop star Lady Gaga has asked Twitter what hugely popular game Fortnite is, which worked out about as well as you might imagine it would.

The battle royale shooter game burst onto the gaming scene in 2017 as an instant hit and has grown to amass a staggering 250 million registered players.

But 'Poker Face' hitmaker Lady Gaga apparently doesn't know what it is - or how to spell it.

"What's Fortnight?" she asked on Twitter, following news coverage of the game's recent black hole stunt.

"It's the ARTPOP of video games," replied Twitter's own official gaming account, in reference to her 2013 album.

Ninja, a successful pro gamer and streamer associated with Fortnite, used more Lady Gaga references in his reply: "Call me on the Telephone. I'll give you a Million Reasons to play. You and I."

There has been varying degrees of sarcasm in many of the replies, with some people wondering why she used Twitter instead of Google to ask such a question.

Lady Gaga has previously talked publicly about playing games herself - including in late 2018, when Fortnite's popularity was well established.

In that message, she spoke passionately about playing Bayonetta, a Japanese action game that lets players control a shapeshifting, gun-toting witch.

Hilarious replies to Lady Gaga's question continue to roll in.


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