MAFS villain Davina Rankin claims she 'would sue' the show for the way she was portrayed

A former contestant from Married At First Sight Australia said she would consider legal action against the reality TV show for her portrayal as a villain. 

In an interview on Australian radio show Hit 105, Davina Rankin claimed the fallout from the show had a serious impact on her, but the contracts were airtight. 

"I would [sue] now that I know you can," she said. 

"To be honest, when it was all going down, I actually had a few friends that are lawyers and I got them to look over my contract and these contracts are so hectic, you're pretty much handing over your life. 

"They own you."

Rankin caused controversy for arranging several sexy secret rendezvous with fellow contestant Dean Wells behind her husband's back, prompting public outrage. 

"I couldn't go to events, I didn't even look at my phone, I didn't leave my house for months," she said.

"Even people from my series that were not as villianised as much as me are still going through trauma."

This week, a contestant from another Australian reality television show called House Rules took Channel Seven to court over "psychological injury" and won. 

The network was ordered to pay compensation to Nicole Prince, who said she had received threats after being portrayed as a "bully".