Married At First Fight: James and Carmen's relationship tested in savage showdown

This season of Married At First Sight NZ has produced a few unions that already seem destined to fail. 

Jono recently called his husband Ray "the biggest disappointment of his life", while Rose admitted there's not even "a glimmer" of attraction to her match Chris. 

Amidst all the tension and tequila shots, one couple has remained thick as thieves - Carmen and James. 

After saying "yeah boy, I do!" at the altar, the pair have gone from strength to strength - the only real issue being that they can't seem to keep their mitts off each other. 

With the honeymoon period extending way past that time they frolicked nude in the Fijian waves, it's time to rock the boat. 

In the inaugural Married At First Fight battle, Carmen and James face off in a brutal war of words sure to put their marriage to the test. 

Without further ado, grab some aloe vera and watch the video to see who delivers the sickest burn.