Married at First Sight NZ: Ray selling the watch he gifted to Jono on TradeMe

Married At First Sight NZ participant Ray Wedlake has put a gift from his failed reality TV relationship up on TradeMe, saying he plans to give the proceeds to charity.

Ray has listed the Michael Hill watch he gave to his match Jonothan Trenberth on their wedding day, saying he "has no need for it". 

The TradeMe listing features several images of the watch, including a screenshot from the moment Jonothan first put the piece on just before meeting his husband. 

"Once gifted to Jonathan Trenberth, my soon to be husband, on our wedding day on Married at First Sight New Zealand (Season 3) by myself, Ray Wedlake, now back in my possession," the description reads.  

"I have no need for this watch, so here it is being auctioned off to a loyal fan of MAFS NZ." 

Wedlake added that he intends to donate the proceeds of the sale to the MHFNZ (Mental Health Foundation New Zealand).

Trenberth and Wedlake's marriage did not end amicably, with tensions coming to a head during the final dinner party reunion. Wedlake was accused of "bullying" and "gaslighting" by viewers, who were shocked at his behaviour on the show. 

Wedlake advertised the listing on his Instagram account, which prompted mixed reactions from fans. 

"Wow the timing of this," one fan wrote. 

"For someone who says they're anti-bullying, you sure like to kick a man while he's down. Don't try and disguise your tactics with a mental health charity." 

"Claims to be anti-bullying but is probably the worst of them all," said another. 

Other commenters rushed to defend Wedlake, claiming he was "trying to turn this pretty crappy situation around and actually use his platform to make a difference". 

One fan wanted to know if the watch would come with the handwritten note Wedlake addressed to Trenberth, which began "dear husband to be". Wedlake confirmed the note would not be included in the sale. 

At the time of writing, the latest bid on the watch is for $115. The auction will run until Thursday October 31. 


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