Netflix looks to end password sharing between friends and family

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The latest comments from Netflix could mean bad news for anyone who has been using their mate's account.

Let's be honest, most of us are still using our parent's or a friend's Netflix account instead of getting our own. However, if you're the one taking one for the team and paying for it, you're the real MVP.

Those who have been enjoying a free ride might soon have to start coughing up the cash, as Netflix says the streaming giant is looking to crack down on sharing passwords.

During the streaming site's Q3 2019 Earnings meeting, Chief Product Officer Greg Peters was asked about password sharing and if they're planning on doing anything about it. 

Peters confirmed that it is something the service is monitoring, revealing Netflix is looking at the situation and attempting to find a "consumer-friendly" solution. 

Peters went on to say they're looking at ways to address password sharing without "alienating a certain portion of [its] user base”.

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