Piers Morgan embroiled in on-air stoush with 'idiot' dressed as broccoli

Piers Morgan has taken issue with one of his stranger guests on Good Morning Britain - a man dressed as vegetable who calls himself Mr Broccoli. 

The vegan climate change protester, appearing as part of the Animal Rebellion movement, went viral after he was arrested on camera while dressed as a piece broccoli. 

"I'd really like to see a transition to a plant-based food system, I think that's vitally important," he told Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid. 

When asked by Reid if he had a job, the man replied: "I'm just a humble broccoli. I just grow". 

Morgan quickly became frustrated with his interviewee, who referred to him as 'Peas' instead of 'Piers', and at one point answered a 'call' on a banana produced from his pocket. 

"Had you made a coherent, powerful, science-based argument, you could have made a real impact," Morgan said. 

"But to come on here and just be an idiot, makes us think you're just an idiot. 

"If you're going to tell me to give up meat, you've got to know about the science; otherwise, why should I listen to you?" 

When further questioned as to whether he was taking the climate change cause seriously, Mr Broccoli replied: "We are in extremely hot water about this. It's going to go pear-shaped." 

Referring to the recent protests, Morgan told his guest: "You've spent two weeks paralysing the city of London, we give you the chance to come on national television to present your case and you sit there dressed like a broccoli". 

The tense interview ended with Morgan asserting he would be "eating a big steak" when invited to a 'Vege Party' in Hyde Park.

"A big, meaty T-bone. Probably two of them, actually. I'll send you a picture of me gnawing at it."