Review: Jennifer Lopez flick Hustlers delivers hardship, friendship, girl-power and womanhood

Jennifer Lopez is pole-dancing her way into awards contention with her new movie Hustlers, which has just opened here.

Did I hear that right? JLo getting awards buzz for a film about a group of "exotic dancers" who drug and rob their rich banker clients? And based on a true story no less?

This is Hustlers.

Ramona (JLo) is the queen of the strip. When she takes newbie Destiny under her fur coat's wing and teaches her the tricks of the trade, the practicalities of the pole dance, and the lie of the lapdance the women bond for life.

Their clients are mostly Wall Street men, some decidedly unpleasant and all of them paying for the pleasure of their company.

But when the stock market takes a big hit so do the strip clubs. Ramona comes up with an audacious new moneyspinner.

I can't believe I am yelling from the rooftops about a revenge-heist movie featuring a group of criminal strippers, but here you have it.

Hardship, friendship, girl-power and womanhood. Hustlers brings it all.

I kid you not, a movie starring JLo as a stripper called Ramona is as smart and empowering as it is entertaining.

The movie is delivered with purpose and real intent - Hustlers really is a fist-pumpingly good time at the movies.

Four-and-a-half stars.