'Sick!': Jonas Brothers' fans outraged after Nick Jonas groped during concert

Fans of the Jonas Brothers are furious after a concert-goer appears to have been caught repeatedly groping Nick Jonas during a concert earlier this week.

The female fan's incessant, inappropriate touching has been widely circulated on social media, with many Jonas Brothers' supporters speaking out against the "disrespectful" and "sick" act.

A video taken by a concert attendee shows the fan repeatedly touching the 27-year-old during the band's Los Angeles performance at the Hollywood Bowl. The woman is first captured placing her hand on Jonas' upper leg, before rubbing and squeezing his thigh and briefly appearing to touch his behind. She is then seen sliding her hand up between his inner thighs. 

Several members of the band's security team are filmed attempting to stop the fan. The 'Jealous' hitmaker also appears to brush the hand away before turning around to glare at her.

It's unclear whether the concert-goer was asked to leave following the encounter.

The clip has generated outrage among the band's dedicated fanbase, with many labelling the groper's behaviour as "disgusting".

"Treat band members how you wanna be treated. They aren't toys. You wouldn't do this if it was someone in the street," one person tweeted.

"She went and touched him without his consent in a place that's not hers to touch and it makes me so f***ing sick," wrote another.

Others called out the fan for "crossing the line of boundaries", dubbing the incident as an example of "assault" or sexual harassment.

Jonas and his bandmates, brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, have yet to comment on the incident.


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