'To be recognised is amazing': 7 Days comedian and US-born writer's script makes prestigious screenplay list

The pair's script has made a prestigious list.
The pair's script has made a prestigious list. Photo credit: Getty/Twitter/Louis Mendiola

Cori Gonzalez-Macuer and Louis Mendiola have collaboratively become part of an exclusive list.

The pair have together written a script which has made The Black List - an incredibly influential annual survey of Hollywood screenplays - which buck the usual trends of conventional storytelling and are yet to be produced.

"To be recognised by them is, for me, amazing," Mendiola tells Newshub.

Mendiola, a US-born writer, has worked with 7 Days star Gonzalez on a variety of projects for about three years.

The Black List describes the script, called ASS, as a "new sort of entertainment" on its Twitter account.

"There's a bit of a political undertone that goes with it," Mendiola explains.

It's about a puppeteer who accepts work with his ex-fiancee on a "top secret" gig, being forced to fill-in for a famous donkey on a popular TV political comedy.

After being named on the prestigious list, the pair have even been in touch with a production company.

"There's definitely interest - people have already contacted us about it," Mendiola said.

"Once it was put out there that we were pushed up by The Black List - now they want to come and chat with us about it and see what we can do with it."

Watch this space - many scripts which have made The Black List have gone on to win significant awards.


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