Trevor Noah says all hip-hop songs should have 'no N-word' versions

US talk show host Trevor Noah has generated controversy by saying all rappers should release versions of their songs that don't use the N-word so 'everyone can rap along' to them.

The Daily Show star made the suggestion during a conversation about people who aren't black using the N-word following its heightened popularity in hip-hop.

Noah's comments came in a recent episode of US radio show The Breakfast Club.

"I get the confusion, you know," he told hosts Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

"In America there's a fundamental confusion that happens in and around hip-hop. Some people don't understand the sensitivities they need to have around [the N-word].

"I think [rappers] should make like a 'non-black people' version that everyone can rap along to."

Noah reiterated the suggestion was a joke, but was clearly serious about the racial slur being misused. 

"White people didn't think the N-word could be cool. I think that pisses a few white people off. They thought it was only going to be a word of oppression, then black people made it a cool thing, then they were like, 'I want it back now'." 

Some fans agreed with Noah on Twitter, while others angrily disagreed. Many didn't understand how a 'non-black people' version would differ from a radio version.


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