Watch: Fortnite 'The End' black hole livestream

After Fornite's season 10 dramatically ended with an event entitled 'The End', countless fans are watching a livestream of almost complete darkness.

The hugely successful battle royale shooter game's entire map and all players were hit by asteroids at 2pm on Sunday (EST), before everything was replaced by a black hole.

Since then, the game has been unplayable, with official Fortnite streams showing a black screen with a black hole in its centre as gentle theme music plays.

Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, will be losing a fortune while the game is down - but as a marketing move promoting the title's season 11 is being heralded as "unprecedented" and triggering substantial news coverage.

Fortnite fans are watching a livestream of darkness and a black hole after Season 10 blew up in 'The End' and they're eagerly awaiting Season 11.
Photo credit: Epic Games

At the time of publishing, 65,000 people are watching the official Fortnite livestream on Twitch, with another 16,000 on the official YouTube channel.

Many more are watching unofficial livestreams and on other platforms like Mixer, Twitch and Facebook.

While some fans have been thrilled with the audacious move, others are complaining about not being able to play the game.

Epic Games are remaining tight-lipped about future plans and there is currently no information about when Fortnite becomes playable again.


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