Watch: Prince Harry scolds unruly reporter in the most royal way ever

Uh-ma-ma-maaaa, someone is in trouble! If you've ever wondered what it's like to make a royal a bit cross, wonder no more, because a Sky News reporter named Rihannon Mills has taken the heat for us all. 

Cameras captured the moment Prince Harry haughtily reprimanded Mills, who rather bothered him when she asked an unscheduled question during the royal tour. 

The Duke of Sussex was leaving a health centre in Malawi when Mills asked: "That short conversation, what do you hope to achieve through it?"

The absolute cheek of her! 

Harry was very much not amused by the surprise question, responding: "What? Ask them!" pointing back to the Mawua Health Centre. 

Mills, undeterred, pressed Harry further: "Is that why it was important for you to come and talk to them?" 

Grab a big glass of milk, because here's where things get particularly spicy. 

"Rihannon, don't behave like this," Harry snapped back, before turning on his heel and getting in his car. 

Simple, sophisticated and savage. A masterclass in the royal shutdown, and one I intend to utilise with co-workers, friends and family wherever possible. 

As it turns out, Harry's terse exchange with Mills took place mere hours before he and Meghan Markle released a scathing statement about the press. 

Just how long Mills spent in the naughty corner has yet to be confirmed. 


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