Basement Theatre Christmas show writers Frickin' Dangerous Bro on celebs, lasers and annoying relatives at Xmas lunch

There are a few things one can be sure of when attending Basement Theatre's annual Christmas Show, now in its 11th year. 

  • There will be a surprise celebrity guest thrust into a role they know almost nothing about 
  • It will be extremely festive 
  • You will have to work very hard not to snort your beverage out of your nose

Still, there's plenty of variables to keep things interesting. There's a different set of writers and cast each year, and as a result, a brand new environment for holiday hijinks. 

This year, New Zealand's self-described "brownest, cockiest and funniest comedy sketch trio" have taken holiday cheer to new heights - namely, space. 

Frickin' Dangerous Bro is made up of James Roque, Jamaine Ross and Pax Assadi, who have imagined a cosmic Christmas celebration at the International Space Station. 

It's a whole new world for the Kiwi comedians in more way than one, as they tackle their first-ever full-length theatre script. 

The zero-gravity romp stars David Correos, Marianne Infante, Sam Snedden and Carrie Green alongside a rotating cast of famous faces including Chlöe Swarbrick, Mike McRoberts, Rose Matafeo, Madeleine Sami and David Farrier.

All of the profits from the show go back into the Basement Theatre. 

Check out the video to watch two thirds of Frickin' Dangerous Bro talk about tackling the project and give tips on how to cope with your annoying relatives at Christmas lunch. 

A Frickin' Dangerous Space-mas runs until December 20 at Auckland's Basement Theatre.