Billie Eilish asks a group of kids about their dreams- receives a chilling answer

When popstar Billie Eilish asked a child about his dreams she received a chilling answer. 

Eilish appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Friday night to speak about her album and life this year. 

In a show segment the 17-year-old singer asked a group of children the question When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Also the title of her album. 

Many of the answers were relatively normal.

"You could go pretty much anywhere like the desert, India, the West times or the mummy times, or dinosaur times, or prehistoric times," said a child named Atticus. 

One girl told the pop star she would pray before sleeping, then dream about fighting hordes of zombies. 

But one boy had an unusual answer. 

When the singer asked Michael what's the best way to fall asleep, the boy said he liked to hear a bedtime story. 

"My favourite story is Pennywise the dancing clown," said Michael. 

Pennywise is a figure from the 2017 horror movie IT  based on the novel written by Stephen King. 

When Eilish asked the boy what kind of dreams he has of the clown, the boy answered "I've seen him before in real life and I brought him here.

"He's on top of your head, he's sitting on your head and eating candy and he's eating a cat and he's eating a dog and a duck and a fox and a person. And he's drinking a grandmother and he's eating you."

"You're a weird little dude Michael," said Eilish . 

The singer was recently nominated at the Grammys for six awards. 

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