Cheating Fortnite pro Jarvis of Faze Clan cries about being banned

Professional Fornite player and streamer Faze Jarvis has broken down weeping in an online apology video after being banned for life as a cheater.

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, banned him for cheating by using 'aimbots' - hacking software that makes the game automatically target enemies for the player.

Jarvis, of the popular esports group Faze Clan, is particularly upset about the ban.

"I wish I could just go back in time and just change all of this to make it never happen," says the 17-year-old in his video.

"I'm sorry to everybody watching this video. I don't know what else to say - I love you."

Faze Jarvis, real name Jarvis Kaye, cuts out much of the nearly seven-minute video so it plays in a series of short clips.

Many of the rapid edits are made as he begins to sob, as his eyes grow more tear-filled as the video progresses. 

"You know all I have ever wanted is just like a chance to be able to play Fortnite again," he says.

"Like that's all I want to do is just play Fortnite. You know I just want to do what I truly love the most in life and it's just impossible."

He tweeted that he would "take accountability" for his actions, but claimed he didn't know about the severity of the consequences for cheating at Fornite, despite being a professional.

Reactions to Faze Jarvis cheating and resulting ban have been mixed, with some fans using the hashtag #FreeJarvis, while others are satisfied Epic didn't make an exception to its policy for a popular player.

Twitter user Upsilon condemned the cheating and posted a video of it happening.


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