Emma Watson says she's 'self-partnered' not 'single', prompts praise and outrage

Emma Watson says she's not single, but rather 'self-partnered', coining a term that has prompted mixed reaction online. 

The Harry Potter star opened up about her love life in a recent interview with British Vogue where she revealed she is "dating" but considers herself "self-partnered". 

Watson's revelation comes off the back of a stir caused when she was photographed kissing a mystery man last month. 

"I am dating, yeah, as in not one specific person, but I am going on dates," Watson says.

Having felt the societal pressures that come along with turning 30 - which she'll do next year - Watson says she's changed her perspective on singledom. 

"I never believed the whole 'I’m happy single' spiel," she says. 

"I was like, 'This is totally spiel.' It took me a long time, but I’m very happy [being single]. 

"I call it being self-partnered." 

Listen to Mon and Sez tackle a whole mess of confusing Millenal dating terms like orbiting, pocketing and zombie-ing on this episode of The Snack podcast below: 

Watson has been praised by fans online for championing a revolutionary term that allows women to take ownership of their relationship status. 

"All about being 'self partnered', I'm happy and single," one fan wrote on Twitter. 

"Just because I'm nearing 30 does not mean I need to be married with kids. Thanks for coining this phrase, Emma Watson." 

"I think self-partnered is an awesome phrase for those who are single," wrote another. 

"It shows deep sense of self-sufficiency. Just be a good partner to urself first. That way U won’t settle for anything less [sic]." 

Whether or not Watson was being at all tongue in cheek remains to be seen, as she didn't elaborate on the concept - but some online commentators struggled to take it seriously. 

"Emma Watson describes herself as 'self-partnered' rather than single. I describe myself as ‘self-centred’ rather than selfish," one tweet said. 

"Like Emma Watson, I will be self partnered later on this evening, also known as wanking," another read. 

Other commentators took issue with the term, claiming it added to the pressures on women rather than alleviating them. 

While many Harry Potter fans have been hoping to uncover a romance between Watson, who played Hermione in the fantasy series and Tom Felton, who played Malfoy, the interview serves to prove they're just friends.