Ewan McGregor says The Shining sequel promises story of 'recovery and redemption'

A sequel to one of the most iconic horror films of all time, The Shining, will hit theatres this week.  

Doctor Sleep is promising to haunt a new generation of filmgoers.

It's time to check back into the most haunted hotel in cinema history almost 40 years after The Shining terrified audiences worldwide.

Taking place decades after its infamous predecessor, Doctor Sleep's star Ewan McGregor is playing a grown-up version of psychic wonderchild, Danny Torrance. 

When we meet Danny, his experiences at the Overlook Hotel have left a scar.

"He's at the depth of his alcoholism, he's rock bottom, and it's because he can live with what's inside him and it's all very metaphorical, I'm sure. But, you know, in his case, there are real demons. They're not his inner demons," McGregor told Newshub.

The literal ghosts of his past aren't the only thing that Danny faces, with a villainous troupe known as The True Knot out to feed on all those gifted with the shining.

Luckily for Danny, he has backup in the form of Billy Freeman, played by none other than New Zealand's own Cliff Curtis.

"He's brilliant, he was brilliant to work with. We had him write a lot of fun off-camera. Lots of chess," McGregor revealed.

Rebecca Ferguson rounds out the cast as Rose the Hat, a villain who charms and horrifies in equal measure.

While this film certainly isn't for the squeamish, it's not just out to scare you. 

"If people are expecting to see The Shining again, they're not. This is a very different beast, this is very much a story about recovery and redemption or hopefulness," McGregor explained.

Doctor Sleep will haunt cinemas from November.