Horror star Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed charged with murdering uncle

Horror star Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed charged with murdering uncle
Photo credit: Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Siskiyou Productions

A woman who stars in upcoming horror movie From the Dark has been charged with murdering her uncle in a similar manner to a murder she portrays in the film. 

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed had her manslaughter charge upgraded to murder after authorities uncovered video of her shooting her relative, which was filmed on her mobile phone.

According to NBC, filmmakers were unaware of the nature of Moore-Reed's crime when she auditioned for the role of Valerie Faust under the pseudonym of Wynn Reed. 

"We got the story that painted her as a hero basically and we bought it for too long," one of the filmmakers Justin Adams told NBC. 

"Once we saw the video, it was like the entire story that we got was completely fabricated." 

The footage shows the moment Moore-Reed allegedly shot and killed her uncle seconds after he arrived at her grandmother's home. With her phone in one hand and a gun in the other, Moore-Red calls her uncle a "son of a bitch", before apparently pulling the trigger. 

Court footage obtained by The Oregonian shows Moore-Reed listening to audio of the aftermath of the confrontation, in which she can be heard saying: "I didn't mean to shoot him". 

Moore-Reed was out on bail during the filming of From the Dark, but was arrested the day after the movie wrapped. 

In the film, the actor's character is a young tour guide in Oregon who shoots someone. 

"There is a scene where she shoots someone. There's also this thing about manslaughter and stuff like that... it felt like she knew the character more than we did, in the end," said Adams.

From the Dark was orginally slated for a Halloween release date, but has been pushed back while filmmakers deal with the controversy. 

The film's studio addressed the situation, asking for patience from audiences, in a post on the Siskiyou Productions Facebook page. 

"We need to clear the air about some rumours that have been going around," the company says.

"Our lead actress is currently facing a legal battle that we were not made aware of until after filming had wrapped. 

"Since then, we have been struggling with how to approach this unfortunate situation." 

Both of Moore-Reed's parents are best-selling horror authors. Her mother Kelly Moore is also a former attorney, who has testified in defence of her daughter, citing self-defence. 


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