Jason Derulo talks Friday Jams, vulnerability and Cats with Patrick Gower

American R&B star Jason Derulo has been scaling the music charts and is a regular fixture on New Zealand radio ever since 'Whatcha Say' hit number one in 2009.

Yet the 'In My Head' hitmaker is far more versatile than many might realise - whether it be operatic singing at the 2018 Europe Music Awards or embodying his inner feline in the upcoming Cats film, the 30-year-old is embracing a variety of skillsets.

The R&B crooner has just dropped Side 1 of his latest project, 2Sides, and stole the show in Auckland at Friday Jams - which ironically, took place on a Sunday.

"It's always incredible to come somewhere so far from home and receive that kind of love," Derulo told The Project on Monday.

"These songs have such humble beginnings, me in my room by myself, to being in a stadium of 40,000 people singing my lyrics back to me."

Although Friday Jams' headliner Janet Jackson has come under fire for her "ho-hum" set, Derulo confirms she is still "the Queen".

"It's hard to criticise someone of that stature... people will say what they say but I think it's a gift that she's on the road in general and people are able to see her," he said.

Derulo's new project, 2Sides, is a reflection of the star's vulnerability. The six-track EP Side 1 will be followed by Side 2 in January.

"I think we all have two sides... we wake up in the morning, we get dressed and we present to the people what we feel like they should see. Then we have another side that people have no idea about. This album is a representation of both of those sides," he explained.

"It's a lot more emotional... for me, I feel vulnerable when I say 'I love you' for the first time. It takes a lot to get to that point of trust."

The 30-year-old has also been venturing out of his comfort zone with the upcoming movie, Cats - a pet he didn't have an affinity for prior to filming.

"I had bad experiences with cats," he admitted.

The singer has put his fears aside, attending "cat school" to learn the ins and outs of feline behaviour in preparation for his role as Rum Tum Tugger in the musical fantasy.

"You learn mannerisms so you can pull those things from within your character and build who your cat is," Derulo said.

The film, based on the classic stage musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is scheduled for a December release - and Side 1 of 2Sides is available now.