Joker now most profitable comic book movie ever

Joker now most profitable comic book movie ever

Joker has become the most profitable comic book movie of all time. 

Directed by Todd Philip, the film has made US$957 million globally since its release five weeks ago.  

Forbes estimates that will equate to the film making 15.3 times the money of its US$62.5 million production budget. 

If that's the case, Joker will smash the record currently held by Deadpool, which made  US$783 million off a US$58 million budget. 

This figure is made even more impressive given than Joker has not been released in China, a potentially enormous box office market. 

Joker already holds the record for most profitable R-rated film ever made. 

The new record comes amid increasing Oscar speculation for Joker’s leading man, Joaquin Phoenix, and further discussion around a possible sequel. 


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