Kiwi U2 fans not impressed with unofficial 'obnoxious' queue system at Mt Smart

U2 fans are already camping out at Mt Smart Stadium ahead of the band's concert tomorrow night. 

But they're far from happy campers with recent drama over an unofficial ticket entry system run by international superfans causing chaos in the build-up. 

The fans have established an unofficial reservation system which they run at concerts around the world. 

"It's a seamless process that has worked for over ten years - I think it dates back to 2005 and the Vertigo tour," says superfan Marco Pitinno.

Fans are issued with a number as they show up throughout the week. And while they have to check in daily, they can come and go as they please without having to stay in the queue. 

"You get like a virtual line," one fan told Newshub. "[It] keeps everything quiet and it's friendly," said another.

Not everyone likes it though.

"You can't expect people to go all the way to Mt Smart every day to check into the system, it's incredibly self-serving for these international fans, because they're visiting, they have nothing else to do," says Kiwi fan Jamie Lunn.

He says the system is obnoxious. 

"A lot of Kiwis are saying, 'bring it on, I'd like to see you try and take my spot in line', that kind of stuff -  it's just a shame really because it's going to ruin what should have been a great day for everyone."

Since the backlash, Mt Smart has announced they will issue yellow wrist bands to those first in line on show day. 

And already the line is building. 

A lot of the fans actually do have a number on their hand, but they're going to camp out overnight anyway because they're nervous their system won't work as usual.

Because for many superfans getting as close as possible to their heroes is going to happen with or without a number.