Lee Mvtthews debut album Bones

It's a hot afternoon in Eden Terrace, Tom Lee and Graham Matthews have had a couple of drinks to ease the nerves of their first TV interview. 

It's been one week since the release of their debut album Bones and the pair are elated.

"So much relief," sighs Graham Matthews. 

"We've been sitting on that body of work for quite some time now... so it's felt quite good to tick it all off, release it and be able to play it out now."

The DJ duo kicked off their album release tour in Dunedin on Tuesday and couldn't believe how fast they had won over fans. 

"We had a girl in the front row of the Dunedin show singing the word to the new song and we were like 'how do you know that already?'" Tom Lee says.

That moment served as a reminder of how far they had come, Graham recalls. 

"I remember the first time people were singing our songs at us. That was a very bizzare feeling because that's what you want but I didn't actually think it would happen." 

It's been a big year for the boys, who agree playing Homegrown was a career highlight. 

"[There was] all the crazy frothers all in one spot and the energy is just unmatched. It's insane," Tom says.

Despite only just releasing new music, it's onwards and upwards for the ambitious pair. 

"I feel like we haven't really stopped since last summer.. not since 'Inside Out' came out.. it's just been gigs, gigs, gigs."

With six concerts close to selling out and a raft of festival bookings, Lee Mvtthews isn't complaining.