Photos of Justin Timberlake cosied up with co-star spark affair rumours

Paparazzi photos published by UK tabloid The Sun appear to show Justin Timberlake getting up close and personal with a woman other than his wife. 

The star is married to fellow actor Jessica Biel, but has been caught holding hands with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright, who also appeared to rest her hand on his thigh. 

Multiple media outlets report Timberlake was not wearing his wedding ring and had been drinking heavily on the recent night out in New Orleans last week. 

The covertly taken pictures have sent fans into a frenzy as they attempt to decode whether the public display of affection was an innocent interaction between friends or something more sinister. 

"He knows better, she knows better. DO better. Married men don't let other women touch them unless they want them to," one tweet read. 

"Oh hell no - I don’t stroke my friend's legs or hold hands like that. Plus he's married," said another. 

"Even if innocent it's definitely poor judgment on both their parts." 

Some fans are suggesting the footage photographers captured was simply a scene from the American football drama film the pair are shooting together. 

"The Sun, the biggest UK tabloid, cut pics from a movie that Justin Timberlake is filming in New Orleans to makes him look like he cheats on his wife WHAT A SHAME," one fan account tweeted. 

"He's literally filming a movie... and those that are like "he isn’t wearing a ring", that's because his character probably isn't married. LEAVE JIMBERBIEL ALONE," said another. 

That theory has been hotly contested by others who have pointed out the presence of alcohol and lack of film cameras. 

Timberlake and Biel have been married for seven years, and have a four-year-old son together.