Review: Does Frozen 2 live up to the brilliance of its predecessor?

Elsa and Ana are back, along with the very real threat that the Frozen 2 soundtrack will drive parents everywhere completely bonkers this festive season.

Frozen was a gargantuan mega-hit for Disney, so a sequel was a no-brainer and they took their own sweet time.  

Fans can now begin bankrupting their parents with repeat cinema viewings - this is just one of those movies.

This story plucks from a few mysteries of the first and builds on the search of Elsa's icy magic as the sisters, the boyfriend, his reindeer and their pet snowman make a pilgrimage to a far off land where challenges and home truths await.

There will be obstacles, there will be snow and there will be singing lots and lots of singing.

I suspect I need to sit through Frozen 2 another 864 times as I had to the first time to either fully appreciate it or to actually go completely insane. 

Either way, this first viewing looks gorgeous and Olaf is my hero, but the story lacked the magic of its predecessor.

It's not about me though is it? The kids with me, they loved it. 

Three-and-a-half stars.

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