Review: Last Christmas is not the festive flick we've been looking for

'Tis the season and the festive films are starting to make their way into cinemas. 

Who doesn't love mother of dragons Emilia Clarke and that lovely handsome man from Crazy Rich Asians? And with a script and starring role from Emma Thompson and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig at the helm, I expected great things.

Instead, I got Last Christmas.

A festive grinch type narrative delivered to the tunes of the George Michael's 'Last Christmas' is the story of Katarina - or Kate as she prefers - trying to distance herself from her Czech heritage.  

All that changes when she meets Tom.

Appearing on his bike whenever she needs him the most, Tom brings out the better side of Kate. To illuminate you any further would give the game away - if you didn't already guess the game from the trailers alone that is.

Look I don't want to be the Christmas grinch this early in the festive season but Last Christmas isn't the Love Actually we've been looking for. 

But hey, mother of dragons, Emma Thompson, Henry Golding - it's not all bad. It's just not that good.  

Two-and-a-half stars. 

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