Sold-out NZ tour no big deal for humble indie band Great Gable

Australian indie band Great Gable has touched down in New Zealand for three shows this month.

The four-piece group will play The Tuning Fork in Auckland on Thursday, Totara Street in Tauranga on Friday and Meow in Wellington on Sunday, November 10. 

Despite a sold-out New Zealand tour in May, the group remain humble as ever when asked why people should head along to their show.

"To get inspiration for haircuts I suppose… We aren't very good at selling ourselves are we?" laughs lead singer Alex Whiteman.

Alex, Cal, Matt and Chris have just finished recording a new album in Byron Bay.

The group say they are still finding their sound and say it’s going through a metamorphosis of sorts.

"Each time you write a new song we get a bit closer to our overall sound." 

For eight of the 16 days they were recording, the band was lucky enough to have a helping hand from popular Aussie musician Matt Corby.

Bass player Chris Bye says it was pretty surreal to hang out with one of their inspirations.

"I think the whole time he was around we were just pinching ourselves. 'Cos we actually saw his sold-out show only a few months prior so it was weird seeing that dude in the studio with us".

"I feel like we all came out of that better musicians and better players," drummer Callum Guy chimes in.

But even after spending time with the popular Aussie musician, Alex admits there's no manual to being a popstar.

"No one tells you how to do it, you just kind of start because you're mucking around with your mates and then all of a sudden it's all starting to pick up a bit which is really cool but it's also quite daunting."

After wrapping up in New Zealand, they're off for a six-date Australian tour.

And if you miss out of the chance to see them this weekend, Great Gable will be back in February as the only international act to play Outfield Festival in Hawkes Bay.

This year is proving to be just the beginning for a band keen to call New Zealand its second home.

"I met someone who actually thought we were a Kiwi band because we have a song called 'Punga'. Apparently, it's a fern in New Zealand so they were a bit shocked when we were like 'oh we're actually from Perth, WA'", says Callum.