Thirty years of Three in three-and-a-half minutes

  • 26/11/2019

Today marks 30 years since Three's first ever broadcast as TV3 on November 26, 1989.

The network, which is currently for sale as it splits from MediaWorks, has created countless entertainment memories for New Zealand families with dozens of iconic shows.

Over the weekend, Mike McRoberts looked back at 30 years of Newshub, formerly 3 News.

But there are plenty of other shows that Three is renowned for - from Outrageous Fortune to Ice TV, from Pulp Sport to Melody Rules, from Bro'Town to The Bachelor NZ, from Sticky TV to The Almighty Johnsons, from Super City to Perfect Match and from 7 Days to Being Eve, to name just a few.

Watch the video above for a highlights reel of the first 30 years of Three.