Watch: Former British boyband star Brian Harvey films meltdown at benefits office

Former British pop star Brian Harvey has videoed himself being removed from an East London benefits office after hurling abuse at the staff. 

Harvey, an ex-member of 90's boyband East 17, uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, claiming the government had "just signed his death warrant" in the caption. 

"I've f**king had enough of this. So I've come down here," Harvey begins the video. 

"I'm loaded up with all the evidence... I'm going in there, and I ain't taking 'no' for an answer." 

The four-minute clip shows the 45-year-old singer swearing at staff and calling them "bullies and f**king murderers" before being kicked out. 

"You wanna take my life away, brother? Is that what you wanna do?" he asks one employee. 

Later, Harvey can be heard yelling expletives from outside the building. 

"F**k the lot of ya, you're nothing without the people paying your f**king wages. Slags." 

According to The Mirror, Harvey suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. 

"I'm being messed around seriously by the benefits," he told the tabloid. 

"I can't get anywhere after selling 22 million records, and the amount of tax I've paid." 

Harvey claimed his "life was in danger", and that the benefits office knew it. 

"If they cut my benefits and I have to go back to gigging then if something happens to me then it will be their fault and it will be on their shoulders. 

"They know my life's in danger." 

Other videos on Harvey's YouTube page are titled "UK PUBLIC PLEASE HELP", and "Shout out to the DWP" (Department for Work and Pensions). 

One clip of police officers at his door is titled "DEATH THREAT".