Jay-Jay Feeney and new boyfriend 'do the Tiki', explore Taupō

Jay-Jay Feeney and her new Algerian boyfriend are continuing their tour of New Zealand, exploring Taupō with a River Jet excursion and visit to the local museum, all catalogued on her Instagram account. 

The 45-year-old radio host has been sharing online her travels with her 28-year-old beau Minou, who has arrived in the country for the first time since they struck up a relationship online in 2018. 

Jay-Jay Feeney and new boyfriend 'do the Tiki', explore Taupō
Photo credit: Instagram/Jay Jay Feeney

In a clip uploaded to Jay-Jay's Instagram Story, she shows Minou a marae at Taupō Museum, before "teaching him to do the Tiki" by sticking his tongue out. She later uploaded a photo of the pair pulling a similar pose together, saying he did it better than her in the caption. 

The couple also signed up for a jet boat experience called The Squeeze, which saw them traverse tight rock passages through to a natural hot spring waterfall. 

Earlier this week, the More FM host looked to put to rest accusations her relationship is fake, adressing claims the romance was a "stunt" by kissing Minou on camera. 

Jay-Jay's Instagram updates on the pair's adventures in Aotearoa have prompted mixed responses from fans, with some suggesting it's all an "advertising gimmick". 

Many of the broadcaster's followers have leapt to her defence in the comments section, telling Jay-Jay: "F what people are saying! All that matters is that you guys are happy". 

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