Jay-Jay, Max Key, Matilda and Art: How Kiwi celebs spent Christmas this year

Kiwi celebs spending Christmas together
Some of our favourite Kiwi personalities spend Christmas with friends and family this year. Photo credit: Instagram.

Christmas is a time for friends, family and food - and of course, sharing your day on social media.

Luckily this means we get a glimpse into the festivities enjoyed by some of our favourite Kiwi celebs.

This year new babies, boyfriends and barbeques reigned supreme. 

Samantha Hayes

It turns out, despite popular opinion, Hayes doesn't spend Christmas with deskmate Mike McRoberts. Instead, the Newshub Live at 6 presenter enjoyed the day with her partner Jeroen "Jay" Blaauw and their new son Marlow, who got to have his first taste of the ocean during the festivities. 

"He loves his bath so we thought he might like it. He didn’t seem too phased," Hayes captioned the cute snap. 

Jay Jay, Dom and Minou

More FM radio host Jay-Jay Feeney has been sharing her adventures around New Zealand with her new Algerian boyfriend Minou, and Christmas day was no different. But it was a case of worlds colliding, as she brought her new boyfriend to lunch with her ex-husband Dom Harvey and his family.  Feeney shared several snaps of the Edge breakfast host meeting Minou, joking that it was "not awkward at all…"

The ex-husband and new boyfriend met for Christmas Day.
The ex-husband and new boyfriend met for Christmas Day. Photo credit: Instagram.

After an outlet dubbed the encounter uncomfortable, Harvey spoke out about the encounter on Facebook, saying it wasn't awkward, but perhaps should have been. 

"Jay-Jay and I had an awesome marriage but went through a lot of different challenges (life!!!) which saw us drift apart and become different people. I am lucky to be left with what is still an incredible bond…. There is still a lot of love there. It’s just a different sort of love. Seeing her happy doesn’t make me jealous, it makes me happy for her," he wrote. 

Jay-Jay and Minou closed out Christmas day with a barbecue at the home of Feeney's More FM co-host, Paul 'Flynny' Flynn.

Art and Matilda

Everyone's favourite Bachelor alumni hinted at spending Christmas away from Aotearoa a couple of days ago with this snap of Art holding baby Milo on a plane, mysteriously captioning it "somewhere over America".

All was revealed on Thursday, when Green shared a photo of the family in front of New York's Rockefeller Centre, where a less-than-excited Milo isn't exactly smiling for the camera. "The kid loves Christmas," Green captioned the snap.

Mike Hosking 

The breakfast radio host went for a laidback and loose look on Christmas day, rustling up some kebabs on the barbecue after skipping a morning shave. But it was his T-shirt that really captured the essence of Christmas, wearing the gift from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had given him in the lead up to Kirihimete. 

Max Key 

The aspiring DJ and son of the former PM has been making many jealous with images of his international travels this year, recently riding donkeys in Santorini, cuddling puppies in the Philippines and walking the streets of Paris.

But showing that there's no place like home, Key posted a shirtless, dog-ear filtered selfie from home on Christmas Eve, revealing that he'd "made it home for Christmas". Fans even got a glimpse of Christmas morning in the Key household, showing John and Bronagh wearing adorable matching activewear, perhaps after a morning game of tennis. 

Christmas at the Key's.
Christmas at the Key's. Photo credit: Instagram/Max Key.


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