Kath and Kim's Magda Szubanski confronts nurse who tweeted about her in hospital

Kath and Kim star Magda Szubanski has called out a nurse who allegedly tweeted about her while she was recovering from an operation in hospital. 

Szubanski replied to a now-deleted Twitter account called @proud_aussie, writing: "By the way which hospital was this? Post-op is an extremely vulnerable time and I think your employers would be very concerned for the privacy of any patients in your 'care'."

While it's unclear exactly what the tweet in question said, outraged fans rushed to defend the actor, saying the nurse was "not fit for the medical profession". 

"Being a post-op nurse means you need a high level of compassion and professionalism. People get sacked for such dumb slips, and this is huge. What a violation," one reply to Szubanski read. 

"Thanks," the 58-year-old television star replied. 

"I have to say, it was quite upsetting to find that in my feed. Made me feel very vulnerable and unsafe." 

In another tweet, Szubanksi said she "bloody loves nurses" and "wanted to be a doctor" when she was younger. 

"But I have to say this has quite shaken me up," she continued. 

"The thought that I'm not safe at my most vulnerable." 

One Twitter user who appears to be a nurse themselves wrote to the actor: "Sorry you had such a vile, unethical Nurse. We're not all like that." 

Szubanski, who said she had a gall bladder removed and was suffering from pancreatitis, told followers she would "use the appropriate channels" if she chose to officially follow the matter up.

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