Man punches Star Wars moviegoer who wouldn't turn his phone off

Tensions have erupted among moviegoers at a cinema in Canada, with one man allegedly throwing a punch over a mobile phone.

The incident happened on Friday night (local time) during a screening of the new Star Wars film at a cinema in Vancouver. 

Chaos erupted when a man reportedly threw a punch in the theatre after another person's phone started going off.

The victim, Joe Bond, told Global News, "I thought I was getting a phone call from our babysitter. He just kind of lost it, he began yelling and screaming.

"I told him to calm down, and he didn't calm down, and then he hit me in the face."

A witness to the incident posted a video to social media, showing the alleged offender yelling as he's booed by the rest of the audience.

"Turn your phone off!" the man yells before being escorted from the theatre.

Police were called but unable to locate the alleged offender, and enquiries are continuing.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had its world premiere in Hollywood this week. It opened for New Zealand audiences at midnight Wednesday.

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