Petition to axe gay Jesus comedy on Netflix signed by 1.8 million

Over 1.8 million people have signed a petition demanding a comedy special be deleted from Netflix over its depictions of Jesus Christ and Mary.

The First Temptation of Christ portrays Jesus as a gay man who dreams of being a juggler, and his mother Mary as a recreational weed smoker who is cheating on her husband with a man named God.

The 46 minute special from Brazilian YouTube comedy group Porta dos Fundos is being strongly condemned by Christians.

"In favour of the removal of the film from the Netflix catalogue and for Porta dos Fundos to be held responsible for the crime of villainous faith," states the petition.

"We also want public retraction, as they have seriously offended Christians."

The First Temptation of Christ is said to follow Jesus coming home to a surprise 30th birthday party with a boyfriend named Orlando. 

Despite Jesus trying to conceal him, the openly flamboyant Orlando is said to lead the party in a song that includes the lyrics: "In the heat of the desert I saw the size of his huge power."

Netflix has not commented on the controversy, but Business Insider says the company referred them to a statement made by Porta dos Fundos.

The group says they "value artistic freedom and humour through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society and believe that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country."

On the blog The Catholic Thing, writer Brad Miner recounts the entire special's plot so readers don't have to view it, labelling it a "nasty, sophomoric impiety" and a "waste of time".

Even Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the Brazilian president, is reported to have posted on social media: "We support freedom of expression, but is it worth attacking the belief of 86 percent of the population?"

Many other Christians are expressing distaste over The First Temptation of Christ, including the National Conference of Bishops in Brazil, which released an official statement condemning it.