Pornhub's Year in Review: Aliens, Super Mario, Cardi B dominate 2019

Cardi B, aliens and Super Mario turned up in Pornhub's annual data review.
Cardi B, aliens and Super Mario turned up in Pornhub's annual data review. Photo credit: File / Getty

It's that time of year again: Christmas music, festive food, beach barbecues - and Pornhub's annual data review.

The porn giant has revealed its staggering statistics for the seventh time, giving the world a glimpse into the preferences of its most horned-up habitués.

With popular interests ranging from aliens to Super Mario, it's evident that the world has an eclectic taste in early-morning material.

The dirty data

When it comes to 2019's most coveted categories, 'alien' took out the second spot in the year's top searches. Rapper and former stripper Cardi B made an appearance in the top celebrity searches, while Super Mario was the fourth-most searched for video game character.

According to Pornhub's Year in Review, there were 42 billion visits to the site this year (up from approximately 33.6 billion in 2018). To break it down, that's 115 million visits per day and 80,032 visits per minute. Thirty-nine billion searches were entered (77,861 searches per minute), with 723,041 gigabytes of data transferred per hour.

Every nine minutes, an entire 24 hours' worth of content was shared to the porn platform, with 6.83 million new videos being uploaded in total this year.

Pornhub's Year in Review: Aliens, Super Mario, Cardi B dominate 2019
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The data demonstrates an increase from last year's review in a number of areas. In 2019, there were 219,985 videos views a minute - up 12,580 views from 2018. The average time spent on Pornhub worldwide - 10 minutes and 28 seconds - increased by 15 seconds. The number of visitors per minute also skyrocketed by 16,040.

Pornhub patrons typically visited the site between 11pm and 1am, with the most popular day for pornographic viewing ironically being Sunday. Take a good look in the mirror, folks.

Most pleasure-seekers took to their phones, mobile devices accounting for 83.7 percent of Pornhub's traffic worldwide (up by seven percent). Desktop and laptop computers only made up 16.3 percent - down 18 percent year-on-year - and out of those desktop devotees, 75.5 percent used Windows.

And for the curious, here's some more dirty data on what dominated 2019: 

Pornhub's Top Searches for 2019

  1. Amateur
  2. Alien
  3. POV
  4. Belle Delphine
  5. Cosplay

Top Video Game Character Searches

  1. Zelda
  2. Lara Croft
  3. D. Va (Overwatch)
  4. Super Mario
  5. Bowsette

Top Country by Traffic

  1. United States (leading by a considerable amount)
  2. Japan 
  3. United Kingdom 
  4. Canada
  5. France

Top Celebrity Searches

  1. Belle Delphine (30,910,569 searches)
  2. Kim Kardashian (18,817,924 searches)
  3. Cardi B (11,823,278 searches)
  4. Lena the Plug (10,924,824 searches)
  5. Ariana Grande (9,009,394 searches)

With 42 billion visits, an attempt to save the bees and its effort to clean up the world's beaches, Pornhub has definitely made a mark on 2019.

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