Reality show Hot and Heavy about 'mixed-weight' couples triggers outrage

A new US reality show that features "mixed-weight couples" has been slammed as "horrible" before it has even premiered. 

The show is entitled Hot and Heavy and set to be broadcast on the TLC network, which has other shows like My Big Fat Fabulous Life and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

The channel's latest programme follows the lives of three heterosexual couples. In each pairing, the woman weighs considerably more than her male counterpart. 

"For these couples, love knows no size," TLC tweeted alongside the promo for the show. 

"See the highs and lows of their mixed-weight relationships on the series premiere of #HotandHeavy." 

The show's trailer immediately prompted backlash online, with Twitter users taking issue with several aspects of the programme, starting with the title. 

"This is not okay and that title is horrible," one tweet read. 

"The name of the show... bruh," wrote another. 

Many commentators took issue with the fact that the show fails to feature any overweight men. 

"How come it's only the women that are heavy?" one Twitter user asked. 

"Only showing couples where the woman is heavier aka TLC into enforcing societal beauty standards only on women, kinda a sad stance to take into 2020," said another. 

"Of course, only the women are heavier. Let's retitle, 'How Can Men Possibly Love Fat Women?'," a third offered. 

Other qualms raised on social media included the "exploitation of obese people" and fears the show's subjects would become targets for trolls. 

Hot and Heavy is slated to premiere on TLC on January 7 next year in the US.