'Really??' Colin Mathura-Jeffree angers with White Island photoshoot tweet

'Really??' Colin Mathura-Jeffree angers with White Island photoshoot tweet
Photo credit: Twitter

Colin Mathura-Jeffree has angered some social media users by tweeting a photo from a fashion shoot that took place on White Island in response to Monday's deadly eruption. 

The devastating incident on the volcano has left six confirmed dead, with eight more missing and presumed dead, and 30 in hospital. 

The sharing of photos from the 2014 shoot this week has been labelled "f**king insensitive" online.

"I shot an editorial on White Island for a mag," the Kiwi model and TV personality wrote on Twitter on Monday evening. 

"The ground was hot and rumbled. We were advised if it erupted we were to proceed backward, looking up so we can dodge debris. 

"My heart goes out to the remaining people on the Volcano... praying for a safe fast evac. Truly frightening." 

"Really?? Like f**king REALLY??" Twitter user MattyRulz666 replied, including a screenshot of a Facebook post by the hair and make-up artist from the photoshoot. 

The crew member's post included behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot, with both crew and models posing on the island. 

"When you hear that the very active White Island has erupted with people injured or unaccounted for it really now emphasises the 'high risk' doing this photo shoot back in 2014 was," the photos were captioned. 

"You've literally minutes to leave the island. In bare feet?! [Prayer hand emoji] to all those affected :(."  

'Really??' Colin Mathura-Jeffree angers with White Island photoshoot tweet
Photo credit: Twitter/MattyRulz666

Mathura-Jefree responded to the outrage expressed by MattyRulz666 with a defense of the make-up artist's post. 

"She's talking about the fact we were casually on the Island. It's a heartbreaking tragedy... I'm gonna be honest - I felt unsafe on the Island. The rumbles scared me," he replied. 

Several screenshots of the Facebook post have been uploaded online. In one, shared by social media commentator Pebbles Hooper on Twitter, Mathura-Jefree replied with the same image from the magazine editorial. 

Hooper told the make-up artist to "f**k up" on Twitter. 

"And Colin, what were you thinking?" she added in another tweet. 

'Really??' Colin Mathura-Jeffree angers with White Island photoshoot tweet
Photo credit: Twitter/Pebbles Hooper

"There's nothing quite like inserting yourself into a shocking event like this to seem 'relatable'," one reply to Hooper's tweet read. 

"So f**king insensitive. It's a truly sad time especially for my family and friends back home in Whakatane," wrote another. 

"I grew up knowing White Island and for it wreak havoc like this is no surprise HOWEVER it's sad/terrifying/devastating and in NO WAY a reason to get out your archived pics."