Review: After the Wedding is intriguingly complicated, with powerhouse performances

Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore have been nominated for four Oscars a piece - Moore has won one - and now they're together in a new film called After the Wedding.

Based on the Oscar-nominated Danish film of the same name, After the Wedding showcases the mammoth talents of these two women to perfection.

Michelle Williams is Isabel, called from the orphanage she runs in India to the Manhattan office of wealthy businesswoman Theresa, who wants to make a hefty donation to keep it running.

Isabel soon finds herself at a wedding and confronted with an all-too-familiar face from her past.

It's here things get intriguingly complicated, each twist and turn handled deftly by the filmmakers and cast, a story I'm not prepared to spoil by giving anything else away.  

But one thing's for sure, all three of these main players are worth the ticket price on their own.

These two ferociously talented women are just too good to miss at any time and together they are a powerhouse. There's a lovely restraint here and those of you familiar with the original will, I'm sure, welcome the flip from male to female protagonists.

Four stars.