Samoa measles crisis: Performer's heartbreaking revelation at south Auckland benefit concert

South Auckland's Samoan community has banded together to raise money for the country's measles epidemic through a benefit concert in Mangere.

It was a particularly emotional day for performer Saia Frank Sola, who found out his nephew had succumbed to the disease on Sunday morning.

The concert is showing solidarity and raising money for a country in crisis.

"It takes us back to the time of the tsunami, when the tsunami came through. This is another wave, just in a different form," event organiser Troy Tu'ua told Newshub.

Sunday night's concert sold out in a day-and-a-half, so organisers put on a second show during the afternoon.

For the event, performer Saia Frank Sola wrote a song about the measles epidemic.

"I have to do something, write something for my country," he says.

Sola, who informed the crowd of his nephew's death, flew back to Samoa straight after his set.

"That song is for him and all the parents and families that have lost their children," Sola said.

While the proceeds won't fully be known until after Sunday night's show wraps up, Tu'ua says it's already over $8000.

"We know we won't take it away but we can help ease the pain," he says.

Tu'ua says it shows the power of word of mouth, and the desire to help.

"It speaks volumes of our people here in Aotearoa. It took one call, one week to put this together and here we are. The community came together and we're serving, we're giving love," he says.

The death toll in Samoa is officially 72.