Take Me to the Pilot: Angry Elton John chucks Gucci bag off private jet

Elton John has been caught throwing a designer handbag off his private jet in an apparent huff. 

The 'Rocket Man' singer touched down in Sydney recently for his Yellow Brick Road tour before being photographed sending his Gucci bag flying out the aircraft's open door. 

According to The Sun, which obtained the paparazzi pictures of the apparent meltdown, the bag is worth nearly NZ$4000. 

The bag was reportedly caught by one of the 72-year-old's entourage before John stalked down the stairs into a waiting Audi. 

The dramatic moment came shortly after an expletive-laden tirade John unleashed on two security guards during his concert in Perth. 

The music icon called out the security guards for "aggressively accosting a fan", telling them: "Hey, you two security guards with the girl... f**k off".

"Let her up here immediately... come on you c***s," he continued in a rant caught on camera.

"Morons. Both of you, morons... you don't treat girls like that. Leave her alone, you turds." 

John has several more gigs lined up across Australia and New Zealand over the summer. The Farewell Tour, which kicked off in 2018, is intended to be John's final tour following a career spanning more than five decades.