The highlights from Chrissy Teigen's tell-all Twitter thread about the secret life of celebrities

Chrissy Teigen has given fans a candid peek behind the A-list curtain by answering a string of personal questions about being a celebrity. 

The model and TV personality invited her 26.9 million Twitter followers to ask her anything they'd like to know about being a "super huge A list celebrity". 

Known for her candid and witty approach to social media, Teigen was happy to reveal intimate details of her life in the spotlight. 

From how the rich and famous deal with the mundanities of life - nannies, bill-paying, travelling on planes - to what awards shows are "really like", Teigen didn't hold back. 

Here are the juiciest questions and answers from her tweet-storm in a tea cup. 

What problems do you have that money and celeb status can't solve?
My brain 

What's the one 'normal' thing you miss being able to do since everywhere you go people know you?
Grocery store but I still try. 

Have you ever had rude encounters with other celebs that you never imagined to be like that? 
One person on Lip Sync Battle rubbed me in an extremely wrong way. 

Do you do your own Christmas shopping and grocery shopping or does an assistant do it? 
Assistant does a lot but it's funny when it's the assistant's birthday and you gotta go yourself. 

How boring are award shows?
Unbelievably boring and you are pulled in 100 different directions and yelled at to sit down. The bar is never close to you and everyone is so mean to seat fillers, I dunno why anyone wants to do it. 

How the frick do most celebrities travel on planes? Are you ever just hustling through the airport trying to make it to your gate on time?
There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know.

When was the last time you rode the subway/public transit? 
Maybe 10 years or so. I uber a lot, though.

Do you have a million rooms in your house? Also how many expensive dresses have you worn? 
Every room is very used and occupied. I have worn a lot of expensive things but always have to give them back. Since the babies, I'm not sample size anymore so I buy almost everything I wear and then resell on TheRealReal and donate the $ to charity.

What is it like being a celebrity? 
It is good because I am comfortable but I have an awesome life and zero life all at the same time.

Do you pay restaurants to let you cut the line? 
I make reservations and don't give them the option to say no. "Hi it's Chrissy Teigen and I'd like to make a reservation for two for John legend, do you have any availability?" If you just say "Hi can I make a reservation for two?", they say no. Gotta say it all at once.

What is the best perk of being a celebrity? 
No one gives my kids nasty looks on the plane. If anything, they're creepily nice and it is crazy unfair because they are just as annoying as other kids on a plane.

After eventually rounding out her Q+A session, Teigen turned her attention to far-right white nationalist Stefan Molyneux, who recently tweeted about Taylor Swift's fertility. 

"Uhhhh you're a f**kin weird ass," she responded to the controversial YouTuber, who commented unprompted that 90 percent of Taylor Swift's eggs are "already gone" now that she's 30.