Watch: The Edge host Megan Annear battles tears and terror to bungy jump for listener

The Edge radio host Megan Annear faced her fears, crying her way through an Auckland Harbor Bridge Bungy jump in order to win a special trip for a listener. 

Annear sobbed through the experience, which was captured on video, at one point calling the listener who was up for the prize and asking for inspiration. 

"Kim, tell me how much it would mean to you," Annear asked through tears. 

After hearing Kim's dream of heading overseas with her new fiance - something that "wasn't on the cards" for them any time soon - Annear said she would "do her best". 

The broadcaster made it to the platform but required a bit of extra encouragement from the staff to make the decision to follow through with the jump. 

"You're not going to push me, you better not push me, I swear to God!" she told a crew member. 

"I'm not here to push you - bungy jumping, not bungy pushing," he replied. 

"You're waiting for something that's not going to come, Meg. You've just got to turn that off and lean forward, okay?" 

And that's exactly what Annear did, much to her co-host Clinton Randell's excitement. 

"She did it! Oh my God, she went!" Randell screamed. 

"I'm so proud of you babe," he told her after the jump.