British comedian disgusts viewers with crude Greta Thunberg joke

A UK comedian has upset television viewers after making an obscene sexual joke about Greta Thunberg during a New Year's Eve broadcast. 

During the special episode of English comedy show The Last Leg, Rosie Jones unleashed the joke when she was asked how she felt about activist Thunberg. 

"I think Greta's amazing and what she's doing is brilliant - but don't do it now. She needs to live a little," said Jones.

"She's only 16, she should be doing two things: drinking Lambrini and getting f**gered."

The studio audience and other comedians participating in the broadcast laughed and clapped at the comment, although comic Sara Pascoe stated shortly after: "We should apologise".

Jones' crude joke shocked some viewers, with many sharing their opinions on Twitter.

"I'm disgusted by the comment that Rosie Jones just made on your show. It shouldn’t have been applauded," tweeted one person. 

Another person exclaimed: "Oh dear, did Rosie Jones say that. Not funny."

"Massive f***ing yikes on the Last Leg of the Year," read another. 

But a few people found the joke hilarious, with one person tweeting: "Rosy Jones is f***in hilarious. Asked about Greta Thunberg on #lastleg 'she's 16, she should only be doing two things, drinking lambrini and getting f**gered'. Sounds like a night out at the local pub back home (sic)."

Jones is a British comedian with cerebral palsy who has written and appeared on various television shows. 

"Growing up, there was nobody in TV or radio that looked like me – that sounded like me," she told The Irish News.

Being gay and disabled, Jones says she's struggled with her sexuality and disability.

Through her standup-comedy, she says she wants to show that disabled people can also have healthy sex lives, she told The Irish News