David Farrier finally meets doppelganger Louis Theroux

Kiwi filmmaker David Farrier has met his doppelganger, US filmmaker Louis Theroux, for the first time.

The quirky stars met for coffee ahead of their upcoming Auckland shows - Farrier's Limits on Thursday at the Surrey Hotel in Grey Lynn, and Theroux's Without Limits at the much larger Civic the following night.

Theroux uploaded a photo of the pair to his social media pages on Thursday, showing off their remarkable resemblance.

"That's me on the right," the 49-year-old joked. Farrier is actually the one on the right.

"Met Daddy," 36-year-old Farrier replied.

Both Farrier and Theroux have carved out careers investigating the stranger side of life. Farrier's Tickled - an investigation into 'competitive endurance tickling' which takes a bizarre turn - was critically acclaimed, and he recently starred in Netflix documentary series Dark Tourist.

Theroux, in his career, has worked on a number of TV shows and made documentaries about prolific sex offender Jimmy Savile and cult religion Scientology.

Being older, Theroux has been in the public eye longer than Farrier - leading many online critics to criticise Farrier as a copy.

In 2018, Theroux tweeted he was "okay" with the comparisons, leading one fan to say Farrier was a "shitty version of you".

"I'm right here!" Farrier responded. 

Farrier, who previously worked for Newshub when it was called 3 News, told Stuff in December he's bought tickets to see Theroux, but said it would be "really confusing" if Theroux came to his smaller, more intimate show.

"It would be confusing for me, it would be confusing for him, it would be confusing for the audience. It would be chaos."

Fans thought it was hilarious. 

"This is the way," said entertainer Mikey Havoc, using the catchphrase of Star Wars' Mandalorian race, who all wear almost-identical helmets. 

It's not the first time Farrier's been confused with another famous face. For years he and political blogger David Farrar would get messages intended for the other.

"I would bump into people on the street who would sometimes say the mysterious phrase, 'I love your blog,'" Farrier wrote in 2014

"It was mysterious because while it was true I blogged, it wasn't widely read. And the sorts of people congratulating me on my blog certainly weren’t the sort of humans I expected to be reading it.

"It wasn't long until it dawned on me that they thought I was the short, balding, bespectacled David Farrar of kiwiblog.co.nz."

Farrier is tall, lanky and still has all his hair.

He declined to comment when approached by Newshub on Thursday.