'Eminem has a little penis': Mariah Carey's Twitter account hacked

All Mariah Carey wanted on New Year's Eve was for an alleged hacker to release her Twitter account - a wish that eventually came true, after the hacker informed 21.4 million people that Eminem is not well endowed. 

More than 50 tweets were shared by the singer's account on New Year's Eve in an apparent trolling attempt. The hacker used their 15 minutes of fame to post racial slurs, boost the followers of other social media accounts and revive Carey's dirty feud with rapper Eminem.

Some tweets also referred to the Chuckling Squad, a hacker group responsible for taking over the account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, as well as those of other celebrities.

The since-deleted rampage made multiple graphic references to Eminem and his 24-year-old daughter Hailie Jade, including a tweet simply stating: "Eminem has a little penis".

Some of the tweets posted by Mariah Carey's unknown hacker.
Some of the tweets posted by Mariah Carey's unknown hacker. Photo credit: Twitter

Observers of the drama were quick to jump in with their own commentary.

"Hacking Mariah Carey is a federal offense so I hope it was worth it," one user commented.

The highly-publicised feud between Carey and Eminem ignited when the rapper claimed he dated Carey for six months back in 2001. Carey denied the relationship ever existed - a move Eminem took very personally, inspiring a diss track battle. 

Eminem. Photo credit: Getty

Meanwhile, Carey's contemporary Christmas classic, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in December - 25 years after its original release. 

On Monday, Billboard announced that Carey has become the first ever artist to have number one hits in four consecutive decades.

As of New Year's Day, the singer appears to have regained control of her account.