'Good riddance': Robbie Magasiva glad to see the back of 2019 in expletive laden social media post

Robbie Magasiva has bid 2019 farewell in a "very negative" online video in which he swears multiple times and pulls an obscene gesture.

The video was posted on the actor's Instagram Story on Tuesday night and shows him wearing a sling after injuring himself at the gym.

"Tore my frickin shoulder," he told his followers.

"Anyway, this is what I think of 2019," he continued, before pulling the finger at the camera.

"Good riddance. You have been an absolute f***ing nightmare and I'm glad to see the f***ing back of you." 

As for the tradition of New Year's resolutions - the Wentworth star called them "bullshit" and said they didn't exist.

"I know, 2019, really negative," he said.

"But just you watch, tomorrow I'm going to be really positive." 

The year has undeniably been hard on Magasiva. In May, his younger brother Pua died suddenly in Wellington. 

Police said there were no suspicious circumstances in the actor's death, and they were not seeking anyone else. 

In December, Pua's name suppression lapsed and domestic violence charges against him were revealed.

The court heard that Pua spat in his wife, Liz Sadler's, face before putting her in a headlock and dragging her by the neck after an argument while out at dinner. 

He also had three prior convictions of drunk driving.

He was sentenced to six months supervision and 70 hours of community service for the assault, but died 15 days after the sentencing. 

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