Joe Biden recalls meeting with 'little creeps' who make 'games to teach you how to kill people'

  • 20/01/2020
Joe Biden has sparked controversy by labelling Silicon Valley executives "little creeps" who make "games to teach you how to kill people".
Joe Biden; popular game character Mario. Photo credit: Getty;

US presidential Joe Biden has hit out at members of the tech and gaming industries, referring to them as "little creeps".

In a recent news article, the 77-year-old recalls a meeting he had with high-ranking executives from Silicon Valley, some of whom he says make "games to teach you how to kill people".

Biden's quotes are printed in a New York Times article and are causing controversy on social media.

"I was trying to work out an agreement dealing with them protecting intellectual property for artists in the United States of America. And at one point, one of the little creeps sitting around that table... told me he was an artist because he was able to come up with games to teach you how to kill people," Biden said, according to the New York Times.

"Like video games?" the outlet's interviewer asked.

"Yeah, video games," Biden's quoted as replying.

The former US vice president also refers to the Silicon Valley representatives as "righteous" and "arrogant" in the article.

He's far from the first politician to condemn video games, the people who make them and the people who play them.

In August, 2019, current US president and former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump suggested video game violence is connected to America's horiffically frequent mass shootings.

On Twitter, Biden is being ridiculed for his comments - including multiple 'OK boomer' lines.

"Who is creepy again?" asked one person, with a collage of images of Biden touching people.

"I wonder if he still thinks rock & roll is the devil's music," asked another.


Biden will take part in the eighth Democratic Party presidential debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 7 (local time).