Love Island stars reveal 'life-changing amount of money' offered by men for sex on Instagram

Love Island stars reveal 'life-changing amount of money' offered by men for sex on Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram/Rosie William, Tyne-Lexy Clarson

Two of the stars of Love Island have revealed the staggering sums of cash they've been offered over Instagram for sex with strangers. 

Rosie Williams, who is 28 years old, appeared on the controversial reality show in 2018. Now, she's revealed she was once offered a six-figure sum to become a 'companion' for a Dubai man. 

Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire show - via the Daily Mail - Williams said the proposition was for £100,000 a year, plus clothing and accessories. 

Adamant that she's never been tempted to accept such offers, Williams added that she wasn't prepared for the kind of interest that comes with reality stardom. 

"You're warned about trolling, you're warned that your life will change dramatically, but you're never warned that you could get bought by men," she said. 

"We either aren't in a position where we need to do it so we don't speak about it, or we've done it and we're too ashamed." 

Another Love Island alumni, Tyne-Lexy Clarson, called the phenomenon "high-end prostitution". 

"It's just scary to think if they've messaged me, they've probably sent it to thousands of pretty girls on Instagram," she said. 

Clarson said she had her first proposition came when she was aged 19 and consisted of £20,000 to have dinner and drinks with a man. After her appearance on Love Island, her agency contacted her with an offer of £50,000 to spend a secretive five nights in Dubai. 

While Clarson said she rejected the offers, she understood how young influencers might be tempted to take the opportunity. 

"It's a lot of money for some people, it's life-changing amounts of money."