Mike Bloomberg confuses Americans in 'Big Gay Ice Cream' ad

Mike Bloomberg in 'Big Gay Ice Cream' ad.
Mike Bloomberg in 'Big Gay Ice Cream' ad. Photo credit: TeamBloomberg/Twitter

Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, has puzzled many in a 10-second-video revealed on Tuesday night. 

The billionaire appeared in the ad posted on his official Twitter account,  eating a small spoon full of ice cream and then declaring, "Big Gay Ice Cream is the Best!", promoting the NY ice cream brand. 

The video is likely to be a part of his push to highlight his support of LGBTQ groups, reported the NY Post. 

But the post quickly went viral as it left a lot of Americans stunned. 

He started the video with, "Where is my ice cream?" Then someone from outside the frame handed him a tub where he then spooned the tiniest amount into his mouth.

Then he announced, "Big Gay Ice Cream is the Best!" And that's where the video stopped. 

Bloomberg's 2020 campaign for the Democratic presidential race has spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars so far, according to bloomberg.com.

This bizarre clip sparked a lot of confusion on Twitter. 

Left-wing democratic magazine writer, Luke Savage, retweeted the video and responded: "Lol, great use of hundred million dollars." referring to the money spent. 

Many people were unsure about the purpose of the cringe-worthy ad.

Others just saw the ad as a way to poke fun at the fact Bloomberg doesn't know how to eat ice cream.